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What are the available printing options in the library?

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Important: Your UIndy ID card and login credentials are required for all printing on campus. Scholar Station Printing Login to a library computer using your UIndy credentials. Select the following printer from your application of choice (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint): Printer:  Lab_&_Scholar_Station_Printers To retrieve your document(s), go to the Print Release Station section below. Mobile P ... read more

How to schedule a Writing Lab conference?

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To schedule a Writing Lab conference please visit our Writing Lab channel within My.Uindy.Edu. Once you've created an account by completing the brief registration process, you can sign in and sign up for an appointment. Please note: When our tutors do not have appointments scheduled, they are happy to assist walk-in clients (NOT available Fall 2020), but making an appointment is the only way to gu ... read more

Is it possible to create a link that goes directly to a specific article in a database?

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It is possible to save a link that provides a direct path to a specific article in a database (or other item, like a film or image). Having a direct link can be useful if you wish to read the article later, or if you wish to share the link with a UIndy colleague or student. Instead of accessing the database again and re-entering your search terms, you can just click on the link and go directly to ... read more

I am currently unable to access library resources through ezproxy.

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Step One: Do your login credentials function in other UIndy systems that require authentication? ACE: MyUIndy: If you are experiencing problems authenticating to either ACE or MyUIndy, please contact the Information Systems Help Desk to resolve your account issue at or 317-788-3318. If you are able to successfully login to the UIndy webs ... read more

What is Interlibrary Loan?

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The Interlibrary Loan Service at the University of Indianapolis provides access to books and journal articles which are not available in the Krannert Memorial Library.  Requests can be submitted using the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system.  You can also learn more about how the process works, policies, and how to get registered for this service (if you are a current Uindy Student, Faculty or Staff m ... read more

How can I evaluate the credibility of information on the Internet?

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Evaluating information can be a complicated process. You may find sources with information that is presented as factual and complete, when in fact it is inaccurate, fraudulent, or biased -- so it is important to determine if the sources you find are reliable and trustworthy. Items in the library are usually easier to evaluate because they have already been reviewed twice by the time you see them. ... read more

How do I locate journals or other periodicals?

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A-Z Journal List The easiest way to locate journals is to use the A-Z Journal Search on the library webpage. The A-Z Journal List shows all journals owned by the library, either in printed form, on microfiche / film, or online. You can scroll through the alphabetical list or enter the journal name (or partial name) in the search box. Once you find a journal in the list, click on the Lookup icon t ... read more

What are the library hours?

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This information is accessible from the library website here:

Do the copiers take cash? Where can I put money on my ID card (Crimson Cash)?

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The copiers do not take cash directly. To activate the photocopy machine, you must swipe your University ID. For each copy you make, the photocopier deducts 5 cents from your Crimson Cash account. You can add funds to your Crimson Cash account at the ValuPort machine in the library building, opposite the Open Lab in Sease Wing.  Please note that the ValuPort machine does not accept coins. You can ... read more

Is the library open to the public?

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Krannert Memorial Library is open to the public. You are welcome to use our books and journals on the premises. As a service to the local community, the library also extends limited borrowing privileges to residents of the state of Indiana. Please note that the library’s media collection, online resources, and Internet access are available only to enrolled UIndy students and current staff and facu ... read more

What are e-books and how do I access them?

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An e-book is an electronic book--one that is viewed on a computer or other electronic device rather than in the traditional paper format. Krannert Memorial Library has access to more than 87,000 e-books in several databases, which you can access from the library's E-Books list. EBook Central (Formerly Ebrary): A multidisciplinary collection of over 70,000 electronic books from a variety of top a ... read more

What software is installed on the computers inside the library?

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The computers located within the Library & the Library's 24 Hour Computer Lab have normal lab builds (setups).  For further information, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at 317-788-3318 or at for further information about specific software packages.  

What is a library database?

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A library database is essentially a searchable index of journal articles and other materials that can be used for research, such as films, topic overviews, music, and even streaming video and images. The purpose of a database is to help you find materials that relate to your research topic.  Databases usually cover a broad range of published material, so you can find relevant items from many diff ... read more

How long can I keep library materials?

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Books Undergraduate Students & Alumni: 4 weeks Graduate Students & Adjunct Faculty: 6 weeks Faculty & Staff: 1 year Community Borrowers & Associates: 2 weeks    Audio/visual (videos, etc.) Undergraduate & Graduate Students: 3 days Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, & Staff: 7 days Reserves Articles, books, and audiovisual materials are sometimes placed "on reserve" by a faculty member. Reserve items ... read more

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

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Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly journals that use a process called "peer review" to determine what will and will not be published in the journal. In general, this process engages other scholars in the field to evaluate the quality of the author's research and presentation before the article is accepted for publication. Peer review helps to maintain high standards of published material in the ... read more

Can I donate books to the library?

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Krannert Memorial Library accepts donations of books. The Library Director will determine if the donation will be added to the library collection or passed along to Better World Books for resale.

What is the sculpture in front of the library called and what does it represent?

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The large work of art in front of the library and visible from all around the Smith Mall is called "Universal Continuum" by its creator Beverly Stucker Precious, an Indianapolis artist. Here is her description of its forms and what they represents: Grounded in the traditional materials of limestone and bronze, the sculpture represents the continuum of time and knowledge as they support and inter ... read more

How do I place a book on hold?

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Placing something on 'hold' in the Library world can sometimes mean different things.  We may ask you some questions if you talk to us about doing such a thing; please bear with us.  There are a few varities to this.  They are: A. Hold on something that someone already has checked out In some cases, you may want to put a hold on an item (usually a book) which someone else already has checked out.  ... read more

Can checked out material be renewed?

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Books and other materials can be renewed as long as no other library patron has placed a hold request for the item.   Most items can be renewed either in person, by telephone at 317-788-3268, or directly through the My Library Account website accessed on the library website or MyUIndy.

How many items can I check out simultaneously?

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Faculty / Staff / Enrolled Students: There is no limit on how many items may be checked out, except in the case of Reserves. Only two Reserve items can be checked out at the same time. Community Borrowers and Alumni may have up to ten items on loan at a time.

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